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Thanks for visiting my photography galleries - I hope you enjoy them!

I've been into photography for going on 35 years now, purely as an amateur. Originally I learned photography with simple consumer cameras, then got adventurous with an SLR, and B&W film, and learned how to develop, process, and print in a darkroom.

But the world changed with my first DSLR. Being able to capture something (and see the result immediately) allowed me to understand what I needed to work on, to improve my techniques. The feedback was the key for my learning. And I'm still learning.

What I've learned most, however, is that the equipment is secondary - the key is to look at your world from a different perspective. Pay attention to details that are often overlooked. Move around, and see things from a different perspective. Then learn how to capture what you see.

And most importantly, find joy in your hobby!


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